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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the targeted age range for the museum?

Ages 2 – 10

Can I visit the museum if I do not have a child with me?

To visit the museum, you must be accompanied by a child. Unaccompanied adults wishing to ride the carousel require an appointment. Please call ahead to make prior arrangements with a member of CMOM staff.

Is there a dress code?

Family-friendly attire is always welcome.

Why do you stamp our hands?

The stamp represents the admission package you’ve purchased.

Why do adults need an admission ticket?

Although the museum is targeted for children, many activities encourage adults to play alongside the children in their party. Adult play is transformative, too.

Do you offer discounted admissions?

If you are a member of another children’s museum, you may be eligible for a 50% discount. CMOM does not currently sell tickets with Reciprocal Network benefits online, but you can purchase your discounted ticket at the admissions desk when you arrive. If you are unsure if your children’s museum participates in the program, the Association of Children’s Museums provides a comprehensive online list.

Where do we pay for parking?

Your parking is purchased at the admissions desk.

How many times can you ride the carousel per token?

One carousel ride per ticket.

What time is the last carousel ride?

The last carousel ride is at 4:45 pm daily.

Are strollers or wagons allowed in the museum?

Yes. There are several storage corrals within the museum for your convenience.

Do you have a private breastfeeding room?

Yes, a private room is available with activities to keep siblings happy. A staff member will be happy to give you access.

What if my child feels overwhelmed?

We offer sensory bags to help if your child becomes stressed, agitated or anxious due to sensory input or overload. Ask for assistance from any member of the staff.

Is there any place to eat in the museum?

While there is not an onsite restaurant, there are many food options:

Vending: There are healthy snack choices in the vending area located in the museum.

Picnics: Pack a lunch and enjoy dining al fresco at the picnic areas or dedicated areas inside the museum.

Food delivery services: An easy option is to use a local food delivery service.

Off-campus dining: With over 100 BBQ joints alone, Memphis has options to satisfy your family’s culinary cravings. Your admission is good for the whole day so enjoy dining in a nearby restaurant then show your receipt for reentry.

What if I can’t afford to pay admission?

Families with limited resources can apply for the Yes, Every Child program which grants a subsidized membership for one year. These memberships are made possible through the generous donations of friends of the museum. Download the application.

What is your photo / video policy in the museum?

Each person entering CMOM grants the museum permission to photograph, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce the image and/or voice of that person and all accompanying minors, without compensation, for the museum’s marketing efforts. If you do not wish to participate, please ask the front desk for a red wristband to opt out.

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