We are harnessing the power of the DINOSAUR to instill a love of LEARNING

Using a child’s fascination with dinosaurs opens the mind to engaged learning and that’s what CMOM is all about. Our mission of inspiring children to explore, imagine, and create – growing their minds and filling them with endless possibilities – is always top of mind.

Donate here to help us increase our dino footprint with an exhibit of T-Rex proportions.

Make your donation to CMOM before this year becomes extinct. It’s easy, tax-deductible, and vital to our mission of serving the children of our community. All donations of $250 or more will receive recognition in the newly designed exhibit.

This expansion is sponsored by museum’s founders Harriett McFadden and Mars Child.


Donors like you are a very important part of our mission.

Why donate? Did you know that the museum is an independent nonprofit?

Since opening in 1990, the museum has become an essential community cultural institution impacting more than 260,000 visitors annually. Additionally, we subsidize group visits, under-resourced families and any campus expansion and exhibit upgrade required to meet our mission of creating learning experiences in a fun environment.

While we make wise use of dollars received through admissions and membership fees, we rely on the generosity of donations of all sizes to make a meaningful impact and meet our mission.

Would you partner with us in helping your children and the children of our community develop their future story by making a donation online?


How to financially support CMOM – without writing a check.

Give to your favorite museum through various retail loyalty programs.

Sign up here: Kroger Community Rewards program  and AmazonSmile Charity of Choice program 

Not sure how you can best help the museum?

Contact us. We can update you on our current needs and future plans. Remember, your gift is tax deductible and is appreciated – regardless of the size. Together we will make a difference.

Contact Sofia Olenchek at 901-458-2678.

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