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Membership FAQs

Can two adults share the same membership?

Absolutely, if they reside in the same household.

My address on my photo ID does not match my current address. Does that matter?

You can purchase a membership provided you bring in a second proof-of-residency, such as a utility bill for your current address.

If I purchase or renew my membership online, will my membership cards be mailed to me?

For your convenience, your membership cards will be ready and waiting for you when you check in at the museum.

What happens if I lose my membership card?

We are happy to reprint your card for you. You can pick it up on your next visit to the museum.

Can my membership be used toward field trip or birthday party admissions?

Memberships do not apply to these types of visits.

Can I purchase a membership online?

Yes. Online memberships are quick and easy.

If I purchase a gift membership for someone, am I able to use it, too??

You are not able to personally use their membership.

What if my total number of guests exceeds my membership level?

You can purchase a day pass for each additional person, or you can upgrade your membership to a higher level. (Please note that upgrading your membership does not extend the expiration date.)

Do I need to bring my membership card every time I visit the museum?

For the safety of your child, all members are required to present their membership card and a government-issued photo ID. For verification purposes, the name and address must be the same on both forms of ID.

Can I drop my children off unsupervised at the museum?

The safety of all the children is important to the museum. Since the adult(s) listed on the card are responsible for their children, there are no circumstances when a child can be dropped off or left unsupervised during your museum visit.

Can I transfer my membership to another family?

Memberships are nontransferable or refundable.

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