How Toys Reinforce Cooperative Interaction

by Ramona Holland
March 22, 2022

Research indicates that quality family time with children can have a powerful impact on their development – including a sense of cooperation.


  • Board games reinforce more than just cooperation: sportsmanship, taking turns, and teamwork. Set aside one night a week as a family game night. It’s both fun and effective.
  • Inviting other children for playdates is a great way to encourage sharing, taking turns, and cooperative behavior with others. It can be as simple as an outdoor game of kickball or catch.
  • Use realistic play kits such as a kitchen or veterinarian’s office to reinforce cooperative interactions. Children can learn to take turns and share ideas when they work together while making one or more playsets. Strengthen children’s imaginations by letting them assemble accessories from the things you already have in your home.