How Important are Toys

by Ramona Holland
March 22, 2022

If you find yourself frustrated stepping over and organizing an endless scattering of toys, take a moment to consider the importance of toys in our toddlers’ lives. It is essential that children transition from stuffed bears and rattlers to toys that will stimulate learning, such as books, blocks, and brachiosauruses.

Parents are amazed at the changes between toddlers’ second and third years. They have a deeper knowledge of the world, social sophistication, emotional understanding, and powerful language skills, along with their increased physical abilities. At this stage, they better understand symbols, mental “pictures,” and have a growing ability to categorize and remember interesting events and objects – most of this learning happens during play.


The next time you see the seemingly aimless goofing around with toys, it facilitates children using their imaginations, attempting to solve problems, and learning more about the world around them. Know that the purchase of yet another toy is an investment in more than just playtime; it’s an investment in childrens’ developmental learning.