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The Importance of Toys

Electronic toys vs cardboard boxes.

Getting the most for your toy dollars

How often have parents agonized over what toy to buy only to realize the packaging box seems more attractive?

Sometimes those throwaway items, like cardboard boxes, wrapping paper tubes, and buckets of water, can be more intriguing and spark imagination more so than what is actually in those packages.


If the high-dollar toy is a guaranteed hit, make the purchase. However, if a toy has an expected short shelf life, opt for a toy with good safety standards but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Questions to ask before making that next purchase:

  • How will my toddler interact with this toy?
  • Does it need to be durable enough for active play?
  • Do I want to invest in a toy that future generations of my family will love?
  • Will this toy be enjoyed by a group of toddlers or just one child at a time?

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