Cirque du CMOM

Laissez le bon temps rouler at CMOM’s Cirque du CMOM No-Show Gala.

We may not have a brick-and-mortar event this year, but the fun will not be masked. Enjoy a celebration box of Sweet LaLa’s treats, champagne, family-fun activities, museum passes, plus lagniappe (extra surprises) as a thank you for your donation.

Help CMOM continue to inspire children to explore, imagine, and create – growing their minds and inviting endless possibilities.

Royal Court | Donation: $15,000 | Celebration Boxes: 30
Be the King and Queen of Mardi Gras and share with members of your royal court.

Super Krewe | Donation: $10,000 | Celebration Boxes: 20
Your super krewe of revelers will love celebrating CMOM and sharing the boxed fun.

Garden District | Donation: $5,000 | Celebration Boxes: 12
Where better to take in everything Mardi Gras than from the corner of your very own garden district. And there’s plenty of fun to go around.

Jackson Square | Donation: $2,500 | Celebration Boxes: 8
Jackson Square is known for being the center of all the action. Be the catalyst of your own celebration and share the CMOM goodies.

French Quarter | Donation: $1,500 | Celebration Boxes: 4
Let the artistry of Mardi Gras be the canvas for a creative party gras gathering of friends.

Carnival | Donation: $500 | Celebration Boxes: 2
By definition, carnival involves street parties, parades, and loads of fun making it the perfect inspiration for a celebration for you and a friend.

Jazz | Donation: $100 | Celebration Boxes: 1
Jazz is the backbone of N’awlins music from Louis Armstrong to the Second Line band. In fact, your C-note adds to CMOM’s financial stability.

Your donation can be made online at or by emailing Sarah Zambroni.

All celebration boxes must be picked up at The Children’s Museum of Memphis between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
February 25 | February 26 | February 27