HOURS OF WATER FUN! Great River exhibit is open, plus enjoy more water fun with H2Oh! Splash Water Park this summer.

H2Oh! Splash Park • Exhibit

Beat the heat!

40+ sprayers, mists, and geysers.

H2Oh! Splash Park

This garden-themed exhibit provides over 7,700 square feet of cool fun. With 40+ sprayers including jet streams, mists, geysers, and water tunnels, children and their families enjoy an escape from the summer heat. Your summer gear is welcomed including lawn chairs. Picnic tables line the area and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Come explore Bubble Gardens and make kid-sized bubbles at five different bubble stations.

Open seasonally, Memorial Day through Labor Day

Open Today:

CLOSED 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm

Groups Today:

AM 0 Students 138 Students 0 Students 0 Students 244 Students -2 Students 0 Students
PM 0 Students 0 Students 0 Students 0 Students 97 Students 0 Students 0 Students

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