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Wacky Hollow – Pollinators Edition • Exhibit

Wacky Hollow is back for the summer

Uncover the big mystery of the forest in this life-sized game
Exhibit Open: May 25 - September 15

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Wacky Hollow – Pollinators Edition

From the moment you step into the dimly lit game, you hear the sounds of the forest and feel an air of excitement. After checking in at the ranger’s station, you are given a lantern and backpack with instructions to solve the big mystery. You will uncover the answers as you meander through the life-size maze. Why is the bear sleeping under the bridge? Who told a turtle he could surf?

In this summer version, read the lesser-known wacky facts to understand more about the importance – and some funny things about – pollinators. This exhibit is included with museum admission. All you need to provide is an adventurous spirit.


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