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The Importance of Toys

How toys reinforce memory.

It's as simple as talking about your day

Talking about the day’s events and past experiences is a great way to help toddlers understand and remember the events of their lives.

The ability to remember and re-tell events is greatly enhanced when parents elaborate on their toddlers’ recall. Toys can help reinforce good memories in entertaining ways.


Here are a few ideas:

  • Hide four objects in your house. Hearing the list of items and remembering each one will reinforce memory. Taking turns flipping over picture cards to find matching pairs will help with memory. To make it even more exciting and creative for children, create the cards yourselves.
  • Creating a playlist of favorite songs is entertaining. Having children sing their favorite songs without the music will encourage memory skills.
  • Children’s favorite movies are great tools when asking toddlers to act out their favorite scene. Another option is to pause the movie and ask what comes next.
  • “Simon Says” not only improves memory, but you can also play it anywhere without any special equipment.
  • Don’t forget: Engaging and modeling activities will build excitement and help develop a love of learning.

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