HOURS OF WATER FUN! Great River exhibit is open, plus enjoy more water fun with H2Oh! Splash Water Park this summer.

The Great River • Exhibit

Life on the Mighty Mississippi.

From a vortex to hydro-electric power.

The Great River


The current Mississippi River exhibit has been demolished to make room for the new and improved version. This updated experience will teach children the important part the Mississippi River plays in our region. Children will be able to light up the Memphis skyline, homes, and bridges with a hydro-electric dam, experience a vortex, work on a dock with a crane, see the Hernando de Soto Bridge, learn about the wetlands and flyway and the ever-popular fishing poles.


  • Children can experience a vortex using a fin and see the vortex both collapse and reappear.
  • River channels are blazing new trails as children create paths using channel gates.
  • Experience the life of a boat captain as they navigate their barge through the water table.
  • Understand the principles of hydroelectric power using LED lights.
  • And the ever favorite is the fishing pond where they can cast their magnetic lure, observing the current and floating lily pads to bring in their catch.

Plans are to unveil the new exhibit in late spring or early summer. Check back for more updates and details.


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