Mobile Learning Lab

We bring playful learning to you

Mobile learning labs offer students a chance to explore important content using a hands-on fun approach. These programs require five adult volunteers and space to accommodate five table-based learning stations. Schools may schedule up to four (repeated) sessions per day.

Innovation Station (PreK – 5)
This Lego-based, STEM centered program allows children to explore open-source construction, problem-solving, spatial awareness, counting and cardinality, and magnetism within the structure of teamwork. This lab encourages perseverance by presenting students with a variety of leveled challenges to work through in teams.

Reading Wonders (PreK – 3)
There is nothing like falling under the magic of a good book. Join us for a text-rich exploration of story elements. Your students will be thrilled when our stories come to life with voices, props, costumes, puppets, and sound effects. They will be even more charmed to find themselves drawn into the action to think, speak, and move as the beloved characters in our reading wonders series.

  • Cost: $3 per student
  • Length: 50 minutes per session (not including transition time)
  • Size requirements: 15 – 30 students per session
  • If your location is further than a 30-mile radius from CMOM, please discuss our additional travel fee with the booking agent when you make your reservation.