Black History Month: Artist Edition

Our Black History Month focus is celebrating inspiring black artists with hands-on art projects in the Art & Innovation Lab.

February 7-12
Jean-Michel Basquiat Inspired Scratch Art 
Lean into curiosity and the joy of surprise by way of a technique that
reveals color through line-making. In doing so, learn about the vibrant life
and neo-expressionist work of Jean-Michel Basquiat—a Black artist who
shook the 1980s art world by coloring outside the lines.

February 14-19
Alma Thomas Inspired Radiant Abstract Collage
Learn about the life and impact of 20th century Black artist Alma Thomas
as you explore the ways color and texture can combine to create unique
and vibrant abstraction.

February 21-26
Margaret T. Burroughs Inspired Printmaking
Emulate the work of 20th century Black writer, poet, educator, and artist
Margaret T. Burroughs through the process of printmaking. Build fine
motor skills through exploration of technique and medium.


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